Prolastic is an injectable implant used for the treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in men. 

Procedure takes less than 15 minutes
No urethral mucosal damage
No migration of the implant
No narcosis
Outpatient procedure
Reliable and safe


Many men suffer from Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) after prostate removal, radically affecting their quality of life due to restraining problems. Their social life is negatively influenced by involuntary leakage during coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise.

SUI can be treated by endoscopic injection of bulking agents. However, it should be kept in mind that an optimal therapeutic effect with this treatment is yet to be achieved. Existing injectable products use (partially) degradable gels. The effectiveness of this treatment diminishes over time due to shrinkage or degradation of the gels. The advantage however is that the method is minimally invasive and can be performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.

Urogyn has developed a product that shares the properties of being injectable, but does not shrink or degrade, thus remaining effective in the longer term. The material will also show up on X-rays and ultrasound, and can be removed if required.

  • Prolastic is an extremely biocompatible rubbery compound that forms in place after injection.
  • The product consists of a dual syringe that is connected to a static mixing tube with a needle. When the dual syringe is compressed, the two components meet and mix in the static mixing tube. The mixed compound is then passed through the needle. This permits small amounts of compound to be placed in the tissue around the urethra. The mixture forms as small flexible rubbery balls, which are encapsulated in scar tissue.


Prolastic, procedure

The procedure is simple, minimally invasive and quick. After a short examination of the bladder using a cystoscope and the application of a local anesthetic, the surgeon will deposit two small amounts of Prolastic around the urethra to improve the closure mechanism.

Normal male anatomy of the reproductive system
Situation after a radical-prostatectomy (full removal of the prostate)
Situation after the Prolastic procedure:the Prolastic material supports the tissue where the prostate used to be.

Prolastic, fi­nal check

Most men go home after they are able to urinate independently. Voiding may initially be a little difficult, due to tissue swelling resulting from the injections. The doctor will give follow-up instructions.

Prolastic, reliable

Prolastic has been proven to be very tissue-friendly. It is non-allergenic and does not migrate. It maintains its shape and flexibility and therefore its mechanical effect as a bulking agent.

It allows for retrospective investigation or removal in case of emergency, as the product is visible through imaging techniques. If necessary, it can be removed since there is no tissue in-growth.

Prolastic, long-lasting

The effect of Prolastic is long-lasting as it is not degraded by the body and does not shrink. It will adapt to the form of the tissue and remain flexible to external pressure. It will become surrounded by connective tissue (scar tissue) and maintain its position in the longer term.